At Doctors for Truth in Health Care, we believe that physicians and their patients should take the lead in health care decisions.

You should be able to trust that your doctor is giving you unbiased, expert advice. We believe that your concerns about your health and the cost of care should be your doctor’s top priority.
Our name says it all.

We are doctors—independent physicians—who want patients to know the unvarnished truth about how the U.S. health care system works. Educated consumers are the keys to lowering costs and improving care for all Americans.
Our goals are simple.

We encourage patients to choose independent physicians. And, by doing so, we hope to encourage more physicians to remain independent or consider re-entering independent practice. Our goal is to restore the balance of power to patients so that their needs come before hospital profits.
Change is coming.

The current hospital-led structure of health care is unsustainable. Thirty percent of health care cost is waste. Our current system can’t support Americans’ need for health care, particularly as the population ages.

Fostering transparency about how health care is provided and paid for is key. Armed with accurate, impartial and timely information, patients and physicians will make decisions based on value and outcomes.

Independent physicians are uniquely positioned to serve as patient advocates—their responsibility is solely to their patients, not to a corporate enterprise. The bond that exists between doctor and patient is the foundation on which to fight for positive change in the health care system, with a focus on physician-led, patient-centered care.