octors for Truth in Health Care is a national nonprofit association with a focus on educating the public on the costs of health care and the benefits of choosing an independent physician. Our goal is to create a national dialogue on health care issues to drive needed change in our health care system.
Why join?

Unless we take action, hospital systems and insurance companies will continue to dominate the practice of medicine. The price of inaction will be high, for physicians and for our patients. The voices of independent physicians have been muted for far too long.

As trusted members of our communities, we’re in a unique position to effect change. Patients rely on us to seek and tell the truth. Doctors for Truth in Health Care will help you tell your story: to your patients, to your community, to policymakers and to politicians.
Doctors for Truth in Health Care provides a pathway for unified action and advocacy.

As a member of Doctors for Truth in Health Care, you’ll be armed with messages you can take to your community. Our messages center on three broad themes:

Independent physicians are in a unique position to serve as advocates for patients.
The current structure of health care, dominated by policies that serve the financial interests of large hospitals and insurance companies, is unsustainable.
Cost transparency is a critical component in the transformation of U.S. health care, because informed decisions can only be made when doctors and patients understand not just the quality, but also the cost, of care.

Through our direct contact with patients and as vocal leaders in medical practices, independent physicians can change our health care system—but we must work together to succeed.
Our strategy begins at home and extends nationwide.
Strategy kits

Once you become a member, we’ll provide you with print materials and other tools that will help you educate your patients, employers and your community about the importance of physician independence and the role we play in a better health care system.

You’ll also have access to tool kits that will show you how to effectively organize your business, in cooperation with other independent physicians, so that you can together compete more effectively with large hospital systems.
Employer outreach

We’re also working to develop materials for employers to help them educate employees about the benefits of choosing independent physicians for high-quality, lower cost care.
Online presence

This website and associated social media channels will disseminate messages to patients around the country who are frustrated by high health care costs and a lack of transparency. We’re here to offer solutions, and our online network of partners, journalists and like-minded organizations will help us share those solutions with an even wider audience of health care consumers.
A national movement

We’re building toward a layered approach to advocacy, with legislative and lobbying efforts planned that will bring the concerns and perspectives of independent physicians to the attention of policymakers and political leaders.

Join us. Together we can return U.S. health care to its roots, where doctors led the way in providing personalized, patient-centered care at fair prices.

Doctors for Truth in Health Care membership begins at $250 per year for individual physicians. Contact us to discuss rates for multi-physician practices and larger physician groups. We also welcome non-physician organizations that share our values and wish to support our mission.